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Updated Website and New Children's Book

It's always exciting at Hadassah's Crown Publishing! You may not hear from us, but that just means we are in the background cooking up loads of new publications.

Hope for My Hurts, my new picture book, will make its debut in November. Everyone needs a reminder that hope exists, even children. Children experience their own challenges and struggles. They need to know that no matter how rainy the day or night is, the sun will shine again. Using alliteration, Hampton’s story will help children learn patience and resilience.

"Sonia Leverette has written a must-read for children who may be experiencing trauma (Hurts)…Read this book - and learn from one of the best."

Greta Young, Executive Director of the Parenting Place

Presales have begun and you can reserve your copy using the link below:


Please browse through our updated website.


Congratulations to Dr. Adrienne A. Davenport. Her recent release, My Hope Is Built, is an Amazon Bestseller! Hard cover and paperback copies are available. Click on the cover for more information.


Shout out to James Goldsmith of Goldsmith Graphics for his professional design in displaying and preserving expansive content. Hear his reflections on working on our project.

Need a website? Click on the button below:

Thanks for your continued support. Stay tuned! There's always more to come.

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