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Make More Offers Challenge and B.O.S.S Moves

The power of networking is beyond measure. A friend, colleague and client introduced me to Myron Golden a few weeks back. She challenged me to participate in his Make More Offers Challenge. I began listening to his YouTube videos and reading his book B.O.S.S. Moves. Fast forward, I just completed my fourth day of the weeklong challenge, and I'm full of expectation and anticipation! I can't share enough. In this video, I share a few power nuggets from what I've gleaned thus far.

If after researching and listening to Myron Golden's YouTube videos you decide to purchase a book or accept a challenge, please use our affiliate links on our website's homepage.


Congratulations to Dr. Zackary R. Johnson, Sr. on the release of Christian Discipleship in the Twenty-First Century. Church growth has been a critical topic for centuries, but this issue has become of increasing concern for younger generations and even for the general population post COVID. There are many books and schools of thought offering possible solutions, but this revolutionary book is both a master plan and a game-changer. Using current studies and extensive research, this tool will help church leaders if they will only read and employ the strategies. With a Foreword contributed by Rev. Stephen Clyborne, Senior Pastor, Earle Street Baptist Church, Greenville, SC, this book is packed with thought-provoking and critical information from cover to cover. 

About the Author

Dr. Zackary R. Johnson, Sr. (B.S. South Carolina State University, M. Div., D. Min. Erskine Theological Seminary) is past senior pastor of Golden View Baptist Church, Clemson, SC. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army and Corporate Information Technology professional. In addition, he served as a local campus minister for Clemson University and Chaplain for South Carolina State University’s National Alumni Association, Greenville, SC Chapter.

Dr. Johnson and his wife, Sandra, are residents of Greenville, SC, and they are the parents of three children and five grandchildren. He can be contacted for interviews, book signings or speaking engagements at

Book Description

Does your church or ministry desire to move from membership to discipleship by being committed followers and students of Jesus Christ through learning, teaching, emulating and dedication? This book is designed to provide information that will help Christians understand the importance of becoming a disciple and discipleship; second, discover the impact of the Kingdom of God on discipleship; third, survey discipleship in the book of Acts; and lastly, explore discipleship in the twenty-first century. In addition, this book looks at the characteristics of Generations X, Y and Z, and explores how they are impacting our churches.

The book can be purchased at either of the following links:

Paperback Edition 

ISBN 978-1960779137

$25.00 Retail

Hardcover Edition 

ISBN 978-1960779175

$30.00 Retail 


Book Description

Falling in love is such a wonderful experience. No one in love imagines the ending. David and Lea are two such star-struck lovers, spending each day dreaming of their wonderful future together. Under age, yet so love-struck, they marry in a secret wedding ceremony of their own devising. Then, tragedy strikes and one departs suddenly while the other is left alone to await their Promised Reunion.

About the Author

Glenn was born in Anderson, SC and later relocated to Charleston, SC where he grew up. He dropped out of school at a young age after losing his hearing in a car accident. That was when he began to acknowledge his love and God-given gift of writing. Some of Glenn’s hobbies include singing, reading, writing, and spending time with his grandchildren. The author is currently penning his next book.

Purchase a copy of the book.

ISBN: 978-1960779168

Retail Cost: $14.99


Book Description

As a real princess is born, her grandfather spins the tale of an imaginary princess brought to life in a heartwarming and magical way. Everyone knows that real princesses must journey to forbidden lands to slay dragons. They must partake of water from gurgling lakes. They must retrieve feathers from a flying dragon, toes from a double headed turtle, and teeth from a razor-tooth tiger, to begin with. But this journey is unique and captivating, one you will certainly delight in.

This chapter book for grades three through six is easy to comprehend while simultaneously challenging readers to research new words. The detailed sketches, along with the charming characters, animals and scenery, are sure to keep you spellbound and excited about the next release in the series: A Princess Is Born.

About the Author

After raising two daughters, four granddaughters and coaching girls’ soccer for many years, Rick McElveen, the author, has recognized and might be somewhat aware of princess characteristics. He currently resides in South Carolina, and this is his first published book.

McElveen can be contacted for interviews, book signings or speaking engagements at

A Princess Is Born is available by clicking on the link below.

ISBN: 978-1960779182

Paperback Retail Cost: $12.99


About the Book

Sharon enjoys her life, but something is missing. She wants a brother more than anything. So she places an ad in the local newspaper. One day, she receives a surprise letter in her mailbox. Will her long-time dream finally come true?

About the Author

Dr. Davidson is a father and a veteran educator who resides in Georgia with his son, Mario (pictured). This is his second book. Transparency, a book of poems, was his first publication.

ISBN: 978-1960779144

Retail cost: $14.99

Until next time, happy reading!

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