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Professional Walk: An Educator's Journey

Most educators enter the field of education with hopes of enlightening the minds and hearts of young people. Along their journey, they may find themselves at a crossroads when the systems of education present nuanced difficulties that continually pull them away from their passions and into well-established structures that don’t honor their purpose.

In Professional Walk: An Educator’s Perspective, Dr. Rechel Anderson shares her journey to Superintendent. She draws back the curtain to share the transparent nature of K-12 education and her road to success within the field. At the core of her experience is her identity as a Black Woman with strong morals and values and who has an undeniable passion for exemplary educational environments.

This book hopes to encourage current and future educators to define their purpose and guideposts along their leadership journey and invites them to examine the values most important to them and their future career goals. Through the challenges and triumphs she has experienced, Dr. Anderson paves the way for self-reflection, personal development, and professional growth. Embracing who she is has been primary to Rechel’s achievement, and she calls on readers to stand confidently in who they are to reach the heights of success they desire.

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