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BJ's Big Dream 5th Anniversary Edition

In November of 2022, BJ's Big Dream will celebrate its sixth year!! The fifth anniversary edition is now available on and it's on sale for just $9.00 plus taxes. Now is a good time to stock up for Christmas gifts.

Learn all about the new edition and what inspired the updates by viewing the YouTube video above. Please like, subscribe and share. Check out this endearing student/parent testimonial that was shared from Educator/Author Katrina Johnson.

In 2017, BJ's Big Dream was featured at the Soulful Chicago Book Fair, and in 2019, it was featured in the Just Like Me Children's Book Box. These are just two of the highlights of the career of this Amazon Bestseller and Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review children's book. Check out the 47 current reviews on Amazon, and be sure to leave your own. Thank you in advance!

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