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Writing may seem like a solitary venture, but to grow an income from your work, you'll need to connect with readers. Get discovered as an author (and start earning an income) with these solutions from Hadassah's Crown Publishing.

Establish a Formal Business Model

Though your passion may present creatively, a business mind is essential when money is involved. Ticking off legal and financial boxes helps you avoid complications and reduce expenses. Forming an LLC is one way to formalize your business, reduce liability, and receive tax advantages. Hiring a lawyer is one possible path. Yet enlisting the help of a formation service is less expensive (and faster). Read LLC reviews before starting your paperwork to find the right service for you.

Try Conventional Marketing Methods

As a writer and creative, you might focus solely on your craft. The problem is that your intended audience is unlikely to stumble across your work, no matter how great it is. Connecting with your audience requires effort.

Conventional marketing tactics may be the perfect fit when growing your author brand. Having a direct link to potential customers means easier sales. In an author's case especially, an already-interested audience is more likely to purchase. Developing a mailing list does take some pre-planning. It works best in conjunction with the other recommendations here. You will need a freebie (or author magnet) to entice readers to agree to participate in your mailing list. Then, you can collect email addresses and use software to automatically send newsletters.

Not only does a conventional "marketing" newsletter help make sales, but it also allows you a means to connect personally with your audience. You can even ask for feedback on your work or fan ideas about your next project.

Embrace Social Media for Promotion

In the past, the only way an author could make a living from writing was to submit their writing for publication. A publishing company would purchase the manuscript, then pay the author royalties when sales began rolling in. Times have changed, however, and traditional publishing isn't the only means of getting your work into the world. For example, an online self-publishing course can teach you everything you need to know to publish your manuscript. Of course, seeking professional publishing services is still a worthwhile pursuit for many authors who would rather not DIY. Either way, social media offers you a way to promote your work and grow an audience — beyond the marketing your publishing company may offer.

Examples of social media strategies for authors include:

Recording content for TikTok (consider read-alouds or voiceovers)

● Creating graphics with book quotes for Instagram

● Sharing book covers and character outlines on Facebook (writer groups on Facebook are an excellent

way to get feedback and promote your work)

● Tweeting quotes from your writing and applying relevant hashtags for writers

Engaging with your followers—no matter what platform you use or the content you create—helps to grow your fanbase. This means more people will find your work and possibly purchase it.

Make Your Writing Work for You

Authors are often focused on one type of media, typically book format. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or even textbooks, there are ways to make that writing go further (and earn more).

Writing a book may be on your bucket list, but repurposing content can help you attract new readers and sell more of your work. For example, if you are writing a book of poetry, sharing snippets of poems on social media can help attract a following. That fan following may purchase your book, or they may be interested in buying prints of your poetry to display. If you're more of a blogger than a novelist, repurposing blog posts into a book lets you monetize your hard work with little effort. No matter your genre or content focus, devising ways to repurpose and share your content helps grow your audience. It also increases your odds of making a sale.

From forming an LLC to building up a fanbase, becoming a paid author takes effort. Yet the ability to pursue your passion and turn it into a career opportunity is priceless!

Thanks to our partner for this guest blog, and thanks to our followers for continuing on this journey with us.

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