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     On the seventy-ninth birthday of Ulysses Cunningham, Hadassah’s Crown is excited to announce the publication of his biography entitled Ulysses Cunningham, A Friend to Man: The Story of a Soldier and Steward. The book is scheduled to be released mid-January and can be purchased on Amazon or at www.soniacunninghamleverette.comUlysses Cunningham, A Friend to Man: The Story of a Soldier and Steward chronicles the life of a veteran and elected official who rose from poverty to middle class. This book will inspire readers of all ages, but especially young readers with dreams about a better and brighter tomorrow.  Ambition, discipline and motivation can combine to make dreams a reality, and Cunningham serves as an exemplar and a notable role model. Laugh, cry and be inspired. 


     Passionate about creating tomorrow’s leaders, Amazon Best-Selling Author Dr. Sonia Cunningham Leverette is a lifelong writer and language arts teacher. She combines her love for humanity with books. Wife, mother and veteran educator with almost thirty years of experience, Dr. Leverette focuses extensively on enlightening, empowering and educating through her publications. Ulysses Cunningham A Friend to Man: The Story of a Soldier and Steward is her first biography, and she enlisted the assistance of her father, whose life is depicted in the book, her sisters Toni and Sabrina, who are also veteran educators, and a host of other family members, friends and community members. Dr. Leverette’s children's books, BJ’s Big Dream, He Never Slumbers, What is That Stinky, Winky Eeewww Smell? and My Friends Lived in the Outlet address self-esteem, self-confidence and goal-setting. For bulk sales, author visits, speaking engagements and publishing opportunities, visit You can also email the author at

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