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Dr. Sonia Leverette was a delightful and engaging author for our 4K students. She tailored her presentation for their age group and kept the students' attention. The students really enjoyed participating in the call and response activity. By listening to BJ's Big Dream, the students were able to understand the meaning of having a dream. When given the opportunity, some students shared their dreams.  


Mrs. Charlene Doctor, Principal

The Early Learning Center at Park Hills

BJ's Big Dream was a Big Hit with our students! I was looking for something special to help our students embrace the importance of having goals and the perseverance, courage and commitment to achieve them. Dr. Leverette's book hit the nail on the head. Thank you, Dr. Leverette, for writing such an enjoyable story with such a powerful message.

Mr. Mark Hendry, Principal

Houston Elementary School



There are many publishing companies. But when someone takes the time to read my book and give me feedback, it speaks volumes. Services from Hadassah's Crown, LLC have all been a positive experience with stellar services. I strongly recommend Hadassah's Crown, LLC for publishing your book.

Warm Regards, Rudy Burdett, Author


I was very pleased with all I have read and seen from this publishing company. I have also received nothing but good comments. Hadassah's Crown Publishing, LLC did a beautiful job. 

Ulysses Cunningham, Author

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