October Releases

Hot off the press are Poems by the Heart by Minister Zena Martin and TJBizKid's Amazing Business Contest Adventure. Both titles are available on Amazon, and TJBizKid's Amazing Business Contest Adventure will soon be available at TJBizKid.com.

Book Description

From God's love to Jesus' salvation, and from the fruit of the Spirit to faith and seasons of the year, Minister Zena Martin's poetry is soul-stirring and moving. Poems for all occasions are at the readers' touch in this inspiring book of verse.

About the Author

Minister Zena Martin, a twice-ordained minister from Anderson, South Carolina, enjoys sharing her gift of poetry with others, while hoping to instill the joy she has found from knowing and serving God.

ISBN: 978-1950894307

Price: $20.00

About the Author

Titus J. Smith (TJ) is a ten-year-old Amazon Best-Selling Author (TJBizkid's Amazing Lemonade Adventure) who became a young entrepreneur during the summer of 2017. He aspires to teach and inspire other children to start their own businesses. TJBizKid's Amazing Business Contest Adventure is his second book in a five-book series.


TJBizKid and his friends enter a fierce business competition. To compete, they prepare an elevator speech, a marketing plan and a business plan. Will their efforts pay off so they can win the overall grand prize? Read TJBizKid's second adventure and follow TJBizKid for future amazing adventures.

ISBN: 978-1950894284

Price: $14.99

Upcoming Books

Found Treasures by Delores A. Cohens, A Forgiven Sinner by Kendra Dansby, Mya the Soldier's Daughter and Note to Self by Minister Treca Y. DeShields, MSW will be releasing in November. Additionally, an anthology, pictured below, will be preselling soon.

End-of-Year Publishing Special

Interested in publishing but still working on your manuscript? Lock in 2020 publishing pricing for 2021 at a reduced rate of 30%. You can save up to 50% off eBook publishing services. Our shelf is growing, and we want to add your book. Contact us at 864-708-1214 and submit a portion of your work for a custom quote. Visit HadassahsCrownPublishing.com to see submission guidelines and requirements.

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