Bradley Made the Honor Roll

Second in a series presented by UniqueReadz, Bradley Made the Honor Roll was penned by father and son team Shaun and Elijah Levine. As a follow up to their first children's book After School, Bradley Made the Honor Roll is a new release that once again instills in children the desire to excel in academics. Filled with a plan and strategies, the book allows the main character, Bradley, to lead and inspire readers to aim higher as he's been taught by his best friend Eli. Appealing illustrations contributed by Baba Aminu Mustapha will keep readers engaged, as well as the pre and post discussion questions, a word scramble and a list of study skills.


Eli Bowden is an 'A' student, and after coaxing his friend Bradley for awhile, Bradley is now determined to make the honor roll. He learns that his goal requires identifying the barriers to achievement, a mindset shift, discipline, excellent time management and surrounding himself with likeminded people. This is a lot of change at once, but will Bradley's quest for excellence outweigh his old habits? Will he embrace and reach his goal? Regardless as to the reader's current academic level, this story offers a new strategy for any student.

About the Authors

A father, especially a black father, and his relationship with his children hold deep meaning. Determined to encourage, teach, provide & protect given any obstacles faced from afar or within, our daily commitment embraces the evolution of such relationships. Unique Readz was founded on this principle! A father and son's struggling relationship evolved due to their love of art. We’re honored you’ve decided to embark on this journey with us. It’s truly our hope we inspire within you our culture of loving to read!

Words from the Authors

Shaun: In life, everyone will face a tough challenge. It can break you! I’ve learned it's okay for my son or daughter to have different interests. That doesn’t affect the love we have for one another. Supporting each other and embracing what we do have in common is key. Everyone will be different in their unique way, and our books are and will be different. #UniqueReadz

Elijah: It was always hard to relate to my father because he’s so into sports. My interest is in art & theatre as a result of watching Tyler Perry’s Madea plays. To be honest, competing with each other in cards, board and video games kept the relationship going. I was saddened to learn Dad loved art so much as a kid but never followed through with any ideas. In a way, my younger sister's passion for reading books inspired our journey to create children’s books together. #LetsRead

Ordering Available for Bradley Made the Honor Roll

ISBN-13 : 978-1950894277

Cost: $16.99 (Purchase an autographed book and other quality Unique Readz


Authors Shaun and Elijah Levine

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