Apostles of Her Culture

Maybe you've viewed the beautiful black and white picture book entitled Crowns by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry, filled with church-hat wearing ladies. Comparable to Crowns and new on the horizon is Apostles of Her Culture, a full-colored hard cover book with over 100 pages depicting pictures of women of all ages in different colored hats of varied shapes and sizes on stained-glass window backgrounds. This is an honorarium to Black women who have continued to honor the tradition of wearing hats to church. These women not only made wearing hats special, but they helped to make the image of the Black woman in a hat an allegory for Black Christianity.

Christopher Davis, the author of We Too Shall Wear a Crown, is a presenter, instructor, entrepreneur and fashion consultant who conducts workshops and seminars on the finely, honed craft of millinery. Davis hosts and assists with planning fashion shows and luncheons featuring his original creations.

Mr. Davis specializes in promoting the legacy and tradition of hat wearing among African American women. Davis has traveled extensively in his quest to fulfill his goal of educating the world about the beautiful history of his chosen profession and his heritage.

A native of Marion, SC, Mr. Davis currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and is in demand as a dynamic, motivating, and informative speaker, presenter and instructor. Witnessing his capacity to inspire individuals and groups to overcome the daunting situations in their lives provides a unique experience.

Website: newlifesociety.org

Email: newlifesociety@gmail.com


Publisher: Hadassah's Crown Publishing

Publication date:09/01/2020


Product dimensions:8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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