July 2020 Publishing Update

Hadassah's Crown Publishing, LLC is pleased to announce our upcoming releases.

Believing, Thinking & Speaking God's Kingdom Promises

This is an interactive declaration prayer journal by Minister Serita Acker. While reading the scripture daily is an essential component of an abundant life, learning to speak and declare the Word of God is just as important and beneficial. Readers are offered an opportunity to read, learn and apply scripture. Topical in its approach, this book offers insight regarding anxiety, children, depression, finances, guilt, hurt, marriage and so much more. This book is currently available for preorders by sending $12.00 via CashApp to $SeritaAckerqueen. Please add $3.00 for shipping. Orders can also be placed at HeartAndMouth.com. The book will be released on Amazon in September, and it will be available at HadassahsCrownPublishing.com.

Abused But Not Denied

Calista is flattered when she learns that Quientin’s stares were a sign of his romantic interest in connecting with her. Their relationship quickly takes off, but she begins to notice enough red flags to become quite uncomfortable. When she attempts to end the relationship and asks Quientin to leave, all hell breaks loose. Read this amazing and true story of abuse, survival, healing and salvation. Domestic violence and abuse prevention resources are included, as well as facts about abuse. Preorders are available by sending $20 to $Calista63. Please add $3.00 for shipping. This title will also be available on Amazon.com and HadassashCrownPublishing.com in September. Abused But Not Denied is authored by Calista Rice.

Have You Ever Seen A Zebra Eat Zucchini? (New Version)

This cute, colorful alphabet book is full of the silly questions children enjoy asking. Young readers are introduced to letters through alliteration, new foods and animals. Full of educational opportunities, including the teaching of colors and counting, parents, educators and children will select this fun and adorable read over and over. Read and giggle, giggle and read because Have You Ever Seen A Zebra Eat Zuchinni? Keshia Harper is the author of this already well-received children's book.

Available on Amazon or HadassahsCrownPublishing.com

ISBN 1950894142

Cost $12.99

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