10-Year-Old Kidpreneur Releases Amazon Best-Selling Book

In less than two weeks after his title hit the Amazon.com book shelf, TJBizKid’s Amazing Lemonade Adventure ranked #50 in Children’s Money Books and #99 in Children’s Money & Saving Reference Books. The book is on track to become a #1 best-seller. The accompanying coloring book,TJBizKid's Amazing Lemonade Adventure Coloring and Activity Book, is an Amazon Hot New Release (#44) in Job Hunting & Careers. This is 10-year-old Author Titus J. (TJ) Smith’s first book set in a five-book series designed to teach children how to start and manage their own businesses.

The benefits of teaching children to become entrepreneurs are numerous. According to FamilyAcademy.co, children are more prepared for the future job market and to learn difficult subject matter if they become entrepreneurs. Additionally, they acquire skills such as self-confidence, grit, empathy, goal-setting, resilience, problem-solving and creativity, just to list a few. Children can develop passion, independence, financial literacy and accounting skills to position themselves for success and personal wealth.

About the Author

TJ, CEO and Founder of TJBizKid, LLC, is a young entrepreneur who began his business during the summer of 2017. He sells different flavored lemonade, bottled beverages, snacks, and now, he is an author. His book inspires and teaches kids basic business terms, expectations, and benefits of having their own businesses. TJ, who is active in church and scouts, attends school in the Atlanta Public School System. His favorite subject, of course, is math.

Book Description

TJ desires money to buy an expensive item he wants. When he decides to sell lemonade, he learns the challenges of starting a business. How will he overcome these challenges? Read his first adventure and follow TJBizKid for future amazing adventures. The lemonade adventure is a 43-paged book, the first in a five-book series and includes a "My Business Activity," along with other fun and engaging activities to develop children’s business mindset and vocabulary.

The accompanying coloring book is 51 pages, filled with a glossary, puzzles, matching lists, spelling, word searches, and coloring pages.

The book and coloring/activity book can be purchased on Amazon.com, TJBizKid.com and HadassahsCrownPublishing.com. Are Your Children ready to capitalize on tomorrow’s economy?

TJBizKid's Amazing Lemonade Adventure

ISBN 978-1950894185


TJBizKid's Amazing Lemonade Adventure Coloring and Activity Book

ISBN 978-1950894208


For more information, visit TJBizKid.com or email info@TJBizKid.com. Follow TJBizKid on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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