New Titles and Event Announced by Hadassah's Crown Publishing, LLC

As we approach Thanksgiving, Hadassah's Crown Publishing is grateful for nearing 30 titles on the shelf. We are closing out another great year. To showcase our titles and authors, Lyndon's Academy of the Arts in Anderson, SC will host a literary Open House on December 14th from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Space is allocated for at least 30 vendors with holiday shopping, jazz and refreshments for our guests, while tours of this new venue (512 N Murray Ave) will be available. Lyndon's Academy and Hadassah's Crown will partner in the future on publishing support workshops and author guilds. Food trucks are welcomed at this event, and guests are encouraged to bring the entire family. Books, crafts and other gifts will be available for all ages.

Recently published are In the Garden by Tonya D. Woods, Age of Deception by Rev. David M. Burton and Beautiful Lies: No Longer Will I Hide by Tameeka N. Robertson. Book descriptions follow.

In the Garden By Tonya D. Woods

A garden is a magical place of color, fragrance and sound. Girls retreat there for many purposes from fun times in the early years to quiet reflection as they metamorph into adults. Encounter animals, flowers and friendships as you explore the scenery In the Garden. Family friendly activities extend the engagement and encourage children to learn more about nature.

Age of Deception by Rev. David M. Burton

If we as Christians don't try to understand the deception that is going on in this world, we will constantly be manipulated by the world system and ideology. Our morality has been compromised in the church, at home, in raising our children and the belief of what is right and wrong. If we don't act in concert with one another, we will not survive this attack on humanity. A war is rising between the sheep and the goats, and in the end, we must choose between Christ and the world. Too many are fighting to stay in this world, not to be unplugged from the worldly system and its views. This book was written not to stimulate but to activate the mind.

Beautiful Lies: No Longer Will I Hide by Tameeka N. Robertson

At the tender age of 8, Tameeka N. Robertson's traumatic experiences began and later led to her diagnosis of Severe Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Destructive Thinking and Insomnia. Exhausted from the lack of help from numerous professionals and tons of pills, Robertson sought God's healing. Through Him, Robertson reignited her fire and passion for writing. She candidly shares her stories in Beautiful Lies: No Longer Will I Hide, her first book.

For more information or for ordering, visit Hope to see you on Dec. 14th!

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