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Hadassah's Crown Publishing, LLC congratulates and welcomes two new authors, Liquinita L. Callaham and Rev. Anthony J. Sims. These authors have stories to tell, and they have decided to share them with the world through their autobiography and poetry.

Searching for Daddy in the Dark Description

The quest for love and acceptance that may live inside the heart of a little girl with an absent father can cause a world of hurt. Ms. Callaham, in her soul-stirring and transparent awakening, allows readers to journey with her as she finds a place of peace with her biological father, and as she reaches a safe haven with her Heavenly Father who has patiently waited to forgive and embrace her. Searching for Daddy in the Dark will ignite a barrage of emotions from humor to hurt, all the while leaving the reader strengthened and inspired.

About the Author

Liquinita L. Callaham is a native of SC. Jesus Christ found her at a very young age and she credits Him for her physical and emotional healing, as well as giving her life meaning and purpose. Despite medical challenges, Ms. Callaham earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Converse College in 2014. She has two daughters of whom she is exceptionally proud.

ISBN 978-0998026954

Price $15.00

Available on

Looking Through a Black Man's Eyes Description

In our current racially-divided world, our demographics often determine our outlook on life. In his poetry anthology that combines dialect and verse, Reverend Anthony Sims shares his perspective on life as a black man. Family, love, education, faith, societal ills and fond memories are just a few of the many themes he weaves to share his view “through a black man’s eyes.”

About the Author

Reverend Anthony J. Sims is a pastor and radio host who lives in South Carolina with his wife of several decades, the former Betty Cook. As a humanitarian, Rev. Sims enjoys serving others, as well as sharing his inspirational writings that shed light on the dark past and present.

ISBN 978-0998026961

Price $10.00

Available on

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