Oh, To Be a Bulldog Pre-Released Today

Mascot Books pre-released Oh, To Be a Bulldog today during South Carolina State University's National Alumni Association Convention held in Crystal City (Arlington, VA), just across the Potomac from the nation's capital, Washington, DC. The city is painted garnet and blue, and this children's book amplifies the excitement.

Oh, To Be a Bulldog, approved by SC State University, is an Official Collegiate Licensed Product. Alums, students and fans will feel the sensation of homecoming, the Marching 101, "Pass the Peas," tailgating, the Champagne Dancers, the cheerleaders, ROTC; memories of Eddie Moe, the wave and sections, just to name a few. Young readers will be inspired to dream of college early, while being empowered to know their dreams can come true. They will experience a vicarious trip to SC State through the author's use of rhyme, onomatopoeia and descriptive language, as well as the illustrator's vibrant, colorful imagery. And don't forget the rhythm and sound of the band instruments.

Oh, To Be a Bulldog is a must-have for singles, couples, parents, grandparents, neighbors, the young, the old, the maturing, the wise, educators and students, and it will make a great gift for almost any occasion. Written on a fourth-grade level, Oh, To Be a Bulldog will enthrall children as young as four as a read-aloud. In the classroom or at home, the book includes its own song, Oh, To Be a Bulldog, SC State's alma mater and fun facts about the university to aid the teacher during instruction.

Founded in 1890 and rich in history, SC State boasts too many famous alumni to name, including Benjamin Mays, Matthew Perry, Ernest Finney, Lucy Laney Craft, Harry Carson, Rufus Jones, Stephen Twitty, Jim Clyburn, Coach Willie Jeffries, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, Deacon Jones, Chief Justice Don Beatty and Kara McCullough. The author, Dr. Sonia Cunningham Leverette, Amazon Best-Selling Children's Book Author, is a 2004 graduate of SC State with a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership. This publication marks her fifth children's book.

Book Synopsis: Kaidan experiences his first homecoming football game at the Oliver C. Dawson Stadium in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on the campus of South Carolina State University. Everything excites him, but Sanchez, the bulldog mascot, mesmerizes him. Kaidan desires his own Sanchez and devises a plan in hopes of acquiring a bulldog. Can Kaidan prove his responsibility to keep a pet and make his big SC State dream come true?

Pre-orders can be made at https://mascotbooks.com/mascot-marketplace/buy-books/childrens/picture-books/oh-to-be-a-bulldog/

Soon, author-signed copies can be purchased, along with the 1996 Wrinkles the Dog Beanie Baby created during the 100th anniversary year of the establishment of SC State. These adorable pups (pictured) are waiting to be adopted, and can accompany the book for that special child for the sales price of $25.00.

ISBN 978-1-68401-896-3


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