Grief That Grips The Heart

Hadassah's Crown Publishing is pleased to announce a new title on the shelf, Grief That Grips the Heart, by Minister Yashica Allen Lee. Because everyone grieves at some point, and the loss is not always the death of a loved one, the book belongs on everyone's shelf and can serve as a great gift to someone suffering from a recent loss. Grief occurs over missed opportunities, the loss of a job or the loss of a relationship. Ease the pain by reading Grief That Grips the Heart, a moving, inspiring and insightful story that is sure to grip at your heartstrings.

Min. Lee, a native of Anderson, South Carolina, shares her personal, touching story with her readers. She details how her devastating experience prevented her from living abundantly and how she overcame. Readers will learn how not to comfort others, and individuals grieving will find strategies they can employ to begin the healing process.

Minister Lee and her husband Tracy have a daughter, Zalika, and a son, Tra. A two-time graduate of Anderson University, Min. Lee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and a Masters Degree in Christian Ministry. Minister Lee was ordained in 2014 and has a desire to share God’s Word in a way that is understandable to all. She strongly believes when we encounter trials, we must press through those times so we can see God’s glory manifest in the end.

Copies of Grief That Grips the Heart can be purchased on,204,203,200_QL40_&dpsrc=srch

or by contacting Minister Lee via the following: or


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