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Book Description

What is your favorite dream? BJ has a special dream. He really wants his dream to come true, so he makes a plan. BJ works hard to fix problems that try to stop his dream. While he waits for his dream to happen, he learns that he can do it, if he doesn't quit. In this book, children will learn: 1) How to separate real dreams from daydreams 2) Steps to making a real dream come true 3) Hard work can pay off 4) The benefits of planning, setting goals and problem solving.


BJ's Big Dream by Sonia Cunningham Leverette is a wonderful children's book about a young boy whose faith and beliefs motivate him to stay focused on his goal. BJ is a determined little boy who wants dreads like Bob Marley and strength like the biblical man Samson. As BJ dreams, he is placed in different situations where he has to rely on his strength to make it.

I enjoyed BJ's determination and his ability to set a goal and take the necessary steps toward achieving it. This is a positive book for children because it focuses on faith, responsibility and believing in oneself. The illustrations are beautiful and follow along with the story, which made me invest in BJ and his dream.

Teresa Beasley

A&RBC Reviews

BJ had a dream; it was to grow his hair and to wear his locks long like his idol, Bob Marley. BJ's Big Dream by Sonia Cunningham Leverette is a children's book about living your dreams. Along with the colorful, beautiful illustrations, the story is about passion, accomplishment and courage. In order to live his dream, BJ had to make sacrifices by skipping hair cuts and taking care of his hair. When it was finally that time to get his locks, BJ was excited; his dream was finally becoming a reality. With each step, BJ felt courage, empowered and ecstatic. BJ began to dream while his hair was being transformed; he dreamed that he was facing various animals from a pack of wolves to a huge snake. Even in his dreams, BJ's locks made him feel invincible.

While reading BJ's Big Dream by Sonia Cunningham Leverette, it was wonderful how BJ's transformation was compared to not only Bob Marley and the changes that he and his legacy stood for, but also Samson, who in the Bible was a leader and warrior that gained his strength from his long locks which were never cut. The parallel that Sonia Cunningham Leverette created with that of Marley, Samson and BJ develops a foundation of identity and character that children can relate to. Children need a role model or hero that they can aspire to, just like BJ has. So let's continue to encourage our children to create their own being which will strengthen not only their confidence but their self-worth.

Vernita Naylor

Readers' Favorite (5-Star Review)

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