Writing in the Womb-- Hum?

I only ask because I love writing as much as I still enjoy curling up in fetal position. I admit that sounds strange, but I'm also okay with being different.

Where do you enjoy writing? While I have insisted on a writing space in our last two homes, I rarely sit behind the desk. When we moved into our last home, my husband and I both found desks we love from a consignment shop. His is large with an old-school roll top. He actually uses his for studying and writing sermons. My desk is smaller, but what caught my eye is how the drawer handles are exactly like those on the desk in the home where I grew up. But more important was that some creative person I'll probably never meet painted it red, just for me without knowing me.

My last office, in the second photo, was beautiful aesthetically. Who wouldn't love writing in front of a rock fireplace, surrounded by 12-foot ceilings and natural light from the two windows? Apparently, I didn't. During the two years we lived there, I published three children's books and two short stories. Yet not one word was written from behind the desk.

While the current loft space (first picture) is perfect for storing tons of books, marketing items and office supplies, I often work from my laptop anywhere except on the desktop. Even at my day job, I have an alternative desk where I stand and work the majority of the day. My thoughts can flow anywhere, even in a long line at a drive-through restaurant or while standing in line at the pharmacy during flu season. Long story short, I guess I enjoy the way an office looks.

In adding to my honesty, the last picture is the desk I'd choose if I can find it in adult size. This space would provide some assistance to me holding fetal position, and hopefully, it won't kill my aging knees.

Cute cubbies aren't just for kids. Until I find this piece of furniture (which I will spray red), let me begin to search for a space for it.

Current loft space

Former space

Future space (when I grow up)

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