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10 Things I Didn’t Know About Becoming a Published Author

Years ago, I wrote a book that I saved on my computer, hoping for an opportunity to come along. I researched publishing, but with so much “noise,” I never submitted my manuscript. 

One day, a friend called. She said, “Do you want to publish your story?”


My dream to be a published author is fulfilled. I experienced highs and lows on the road to publishing, and the following list will help you navigate some of the challenges I encountered: 


1)            Publishing is addictive and easy to love. I put it off far too long!

2)            Most self-published titles only sell 50-100 copies. If you want to defy the

               averages, be an ambitious author who works hard!

3)            Competition is fierce, but I didn't know just how fierce. I am meeting new authors                      everywhere. Self-publishing offers great opportunities to talented people who may                    have not had a chance otherwise.

4)            Book signings and author events are fun, especially with children. They think you                      are famous. The comments I hear from children about my character BJ from BJ’s Big                Dream, who is my son, are hilarious! After a reading at an elementary school, one                    little girl said her dream in life is to be BJ’s mom. I chuckled, but was flattered                            beyond measure! Whenever I see the children to whom I’ve read, they want to know                how BJ is and ask me to tell him “hello.” Some have asked if BJ could travel with                      them field trips. And another little girl thought BJ was “looking fine” on his last real                    picture.

5)            Authors are some of the busiest people! Besides writing and publishing, marketing                  is an enormous, time-consuming job. I imagined that I’d sip coffee and write using                    my MacBook at the kitchen table with little stress. That is NOT the case on most                        days. However, for authors who choose not to market, their books become dust                        collectors.

6)            Self-publishing, if you are willing to work your hiney off, can be more lucrative                            because the middle man is eliminated.

7)            Social media is one of the best vehicles for promoting your book. In preparing for                    the July 19, 2017 launch of my children’s story book, BJ’s Big Dream, I blogged                        about topics specific to children including bullying, problem solving and boosting                    confidence. I love it. I’m using tools like HootSuite, Library Thing, GoodReads,                          Constant Contact and Instagram to build my platform, boost my brand and leverage                my expertise. I created a Facebook page just for the book:                                               

8)            Numerous authors are willing to help new authors avoid common publishing                              mistakes.

9)            Lots of people want to be published, but have no idea where to start. I want to help                  as many aspiring authors as I can. 

10)          You have a book inside of you. Don’t let fear keep you from publishing it. Just do it!


Passionate about creating tomorrow’s leaders, Best Selling Author Dr. Sonia Cunningham Leverette combines her love for children with books. Wife, mother and veteran educator with almost thirty years of experience, Dr. Leverette focuses extensively on meeting the needs of grade school students, including how to handle bullying, leadership, teamwork, problem solving and character building. |


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