Mistakes Are for Learning

Mistakes are for learning is the general theme in my children's book What Is That Stinky Winky EeewwwSmell? The story is based on a childhood experience of mine that my family enjoys retelling at least annually. When I was five, we had gone to an Easter egg hunt and I ate as many eggs as I could. I wanted to save the remainder of my eggs for the next year. Yes, it was quite selfish when I look back to think that I could save those eggs and win the contest the following year.

After about a month, my mom came in my room and asked what is that smell. Every night, her voice became more powerful. What is that smell? Finally she paid my sisters to take my closet apart and true enough, they found the extra stinky problem. While I was unable to salvage my eggs for the next year's hunt, I learned that mistakes are for learning.

From this experience, I not only learned about food safety, but I learned that old boiled eggs are a delicacy in a few other cultures. Great read for children of all ages. Check it and others out at www.BJsBigDream.com.

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