Making Reading Fun

Some children view reading as a chore. But, reading can and should be fun for every child. This may involve tutoring or independent assistance for the child if there are delays. If your child is behind in reading, the sooner the issue is addressed the better your child's achievement and future will be. Here are some strategies to help your child better engage if he or she is not already an avid reader.

Make sure your child is reading the right books. These books should be appropriate for her reading level, not books that are too difficult. As often as possible, let your child choose his own books. Make trips to the library or to the bookstore fun. Loading up on books is a good thing.

Once, I had a colleague who read to her high school son every night. While I stopped reading to my son when he reached middle school (he was just far too independent), read to your child as long as they enjoy it. This should occur at least through elementary school. But don't rule out audiobooks. Building listening skills and vocabulary are important and can be accomplished using audiobooks. Reading books on devices such as phones or tablets are also popular yet productive choices. Children today still enjoy comic books and magazines, and these help build literacy skills as well.

Allow your child to create a reading area that makes reading exciting. This literacy space may include figurines or stuffed animals from your child's favorite book or cartoon, posters from your child's favorite book or movie, and character lamps with colored light bulbs and character rugs to begin with. A special bookshelf that provides many options may also adorn this area.

It's okay if your child can't sit still while she reads. I enjoy reading while walking on the treadmill. While everyone can't maintain balance or this practice might cause vision problems for some, I like to maximize my time and kill two birds with one stone. Consider an exercise ball or a stationary bike as part of your child's reading space. And beanbags may not completely be a thing of the past; today's children still enjoy the cozy comfort of what some may consider to be a vintage toy.

Reading doesn't have to be monotonous. Be creative and have fun!

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