Building Literature-Rich Homes

Can you tell me how many books you have in your home without counting? If you can, hopefully your goal is to build a more literature-rich home. If money is not readily available, there are other ways, such as frequenting the library, bookstores and yard sales. When it comes to quality reading time, excuses are "tools of inadequacy, used to build monuments of nothingness."

If you have young children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors or friends, hopefully you have books they can enjoy when they visit. Consider building a firm literary environment using the following strategies:

  • Rewarding children for good behavior/grades with books, trips to the bookstore (you don't have to make purchases, you can read there for free) and trips to the library

  • Give books as gifts (Always know what your child is reading and the titles on their wish lists.)

  • Talk with them about what they are reading

  • Model good reading habits for them. Let them see you reading often

  • Talk with children about what you are reading, when it's appropriate

  • Avoid using reading as punishment

  • Begin insisting on good reading habits when children are young, before classmates even think about telling them it's not cool

  • Help children find relevant books of high interest to them and that have characters they can relate to

  • Introduce children to comic books, magazines, short story collections and even newspapers. Exposure to diverse genres, as well as fiction and non-fiction, will help boost their standardized testing scores and their analytical thinking skills

  • Limit their TV watching and video game playing time and encourage reading

  • Encourage children to have books with them during downtime, such as waiting for the doctor or dentist, or riding in the car.

Tomorrow's leaders must be prepared for careers that currently don't exist. Thus, we must develop children's literacy, and writing, skills to their highest potential.

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