Bradley Made the Honor Roll

Second in a series presented by UniqueReadz, Bradley Made the Honor Roll was penned by father and son team Shaun and Elijah Levine. As a follow up to their first children's book After School, Bradley Made the Honor Roll is a new release that once again instills in children the desire to excel in academics. Filled with a plan and strategies, the book allows the main character, Bradley, to lead and inspire readers to aim higher as he's been taught by his best friend Eli. Appealing illustrations contributed by Baba Aminu Mustapha will keep readers engaged, as well as the pre and post discussion questions, a word scramble and a list of study skills. Description Eli Bowden is an 'A' student, and

Apostles of Her Culture

Maybe you've viewed the beautiful black and white picture book entitled Crowns by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry, filled with church-hat wearing ladies. Comparable to Crowns and new on the horizon is Apostles of Her Culture, a full-colored hard cover book with over 100 pages depicting pictures of women of all ages in different colored hats of varied shapes and sizes on stained-glass window backgrounds. This is an honorarium to Black women who have continued to honor the tradition of wearing hats to church. These women not only made wearing hats special, but they helped to make the image of the Black woman in a hat an allegory for Black Christianity. Christopher Davis, the author of We

50th Book Hits the Shelf

Hadassah's Crown Publishing entered September with a blast!! After four and a half years, our 50th book, Mya, the Soldier's Daughter, will hit the shelf later this month! For a complete list of books and recent blogs, click the More and Blog tabs at PhotoCredit: Oh, To Be a Bulldog children's book made its way to the best seller's list, right beside Debbie Allen's book Dancing in the Wings!!! is the #1 African Bookstore Online. The increased focus on diversity, inclusion and HBCU's makes it an even more ideal time for schools, churches and community organizations to sponsor HBCU college fairs or virtual

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