A Deeper Dive Into the July 19, 2017 All-Day Book Launch Schedule for BJ's Big Dream

What’s most special about this day are the freebies. For purchasing BJ’s Big Dream for the reduced price of $8.75 or the Kindle version for $2.99, you will receive a free Nappy Hair Audio by Carolivia Herron, a BJ’s Big Dream Coloring Book, three adult eGifts (sample of The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box and "Every Man’s Private Marriage Checklist" by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman and "A Thanksgiving Christmas" by Sonia Cunningham Leverette) as well as a chance to win additional eBooks and hard copy books/posters signed by the authors (including Comora’s Parents, Marti Dumas and Victoria Schwimley). Join us for this launch on July 19th beginning at 1:00 PM EST. You have nothing to lose but

An Assistant Superintendent Takes Action to Make a Difference for Students and Families with Her Chi

Spartanburg, SC July 12, 2017 - On Wednesday, July 19, 2017, Dr. Sonia Cunningham Leverette hosts the virtual launch of her 5-star children's story book, BJ's Big Dream. The book was written to help build confidence, discipline and problem solving skills in youth. From 10 AM to 9 PM EST, the online event includes discussions with best-selling authors, Facebook chats and giveaways. The complete schedule of events and giveaways are available at BJsBigDream.com. Dr. Sonia Cunningham Leverette says, "I chose a career in education because I am passionate about children and their success. When children feel helpless and hopeless, they often act out in unproductive ways. I am saddened by the number

What Exactly Is A Book Launch, You Might Ask?

You have seen at least two posts daily from the BJ's Big Dream Facebook page, my Twitter page and LinkedIn page. You may even be tired of seeing the posts and you're ready to delete me as your friend. But hold on! The big launch is in just a few days. And for those of you wondering what a book launch is, here's an explanation. According to Benna Crawford, "a book launch is the activity created around the publication of a book, either traditionally or digitally. The launch is designed to attract attention to the title, sell copies, boost the discovery of a new author or alert fans to new work from a favorite author and -- with a large infusion of luck -- get a book on or near a bestseller lis

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