Mistakes Are for Learning

Mistakes are for learning is the general theme in my children's book What Is That Stinky Winky EeewwwSmell? The story is based on a childhood experience of mine that my family enjoys retelling at least annually. When I was five, we had gone to an Easter egg hunt and I ate as many eggs as I could. I wanted to save the remainder of my eggs for the next year. Yes, it was quite selfish when I look back to think that I could save those eggs and win the contest the following year. After about a month, my mom came in my room and asked what is that smell. Every night, her voice became more powerful. What is that smell? Finally she paid my sisters to take my closet apart and true enough, they f

Bullying Is a Bad Word

Most of us have encountered bullying personally, but today's bullying is far worse than it was years ago. Cyberspace allows bullying to reach more people more quickly, and it often goes undetected and undisciplined. Yet the effects of bullying live in the minds of those who are bullied. It might reveal itself in poor academic performance and poor self-confidence. It also affects children through insomnia or anger, especially when it remains unresolved. Parents may not always know what's actually going on. Children often fear their bullies and will not reveal what is going on. Then what happens in the dark remains in the dark. It's the job of parents and educators to bring what happens i

Rearing Children Who Don't Flit

In the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, Beneatha, sister of the main character Walter Lee Younger, Jr., mentions taking guitar lessons and sets off her mom about "flitting" around trying too many activities. Beneatha claims her right to express herself, but her mom just wants to know why she has to change from one thing to the next. She had just tried horseback riding, photography and acting. While many of us would agree that Beneatha was a college student trying to find herself, others, like her mom, see her "flitting" as a waste of time and money. How will children find their talents and know what they enjoy if they don't try different activities? It is healthy and educati

Making Reading Fun

Some children view reading as a chore. But, reading can and should be fun for every child. This may involve tutoring or independent assistance for the child if there are delays. If your child is behind in reading, the sooner the issue is addressed the better your child's achievement and future will be. Here are some strategies to help your child better engage if he or she is not already an avid reader. Make sure your child is reading the right books. These books should be appropriate for her reading level, not books that are too difficult. As often as possible, let your child choose his own books. Make trips to the library or to the bookstore fun. Loading up on books is a good thing. O

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