I Was A Slow Reader

As a child, I was a slow reader. Why? Because I didn't read much, although I wanted to. Reading was torture, until I gained fluency. How did I gain fluency? By reading and reading and reading. I was caught in a cycle of not being a good reader because I didn't enjoy what I was reading. Finally, I read my first chapter book in second grade and I loved every minute of it. Though tattered and worn, I still have that very copy of the book published in 1977, which symbolizes the pride I felt from this huge accomplishment. It was called The Shoeshine Girl by Clyde Robert Bulla, and it chronicles the summer of a girl spending what she thought would be a boring summer. Her lack of money causes her t

Summer Is Not For Sliding: Avoid the Dip

Research regarding the reading slide too many children take during the summer is not new. So, why did the reading summer reading programs leave schools? Please bring them back! If children will read at least five books, then they are less likely to experience the slide. Summer reading should be fun, and children should select books that match their ability, interests and age. Children should enjoy shopping and selecting books as much as they enjoy shopping for new shoes or video games, if not more. As parents, it is our goal to ensure that children are reading during any breaks, and schools should definitely encourage summer reading. Many book companies are offering packaged deals for s

"What Color Are the Frogs?"

In an article published in the New York Times on August 16, 2016 entitled "On Children’s Books and the Color of Characters,” best-selling author Kwame Alexander tells a humorous but true story about a librarian who questions the color of the frogs in his book Surf’s Up. She says she needs to know the color so she can share the story of the frog with the correct race of children. A teacher once asked the race of the two main characters in his book The Crossover. She stated she needed to know in case the students asked. Kwame told her to call him if the students asked. While the teacher called him, she admitted they didn’t ask about the characters’ races. In both cases, the adults were much m

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